G3 Scholarships are now open and available at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC). Eligible students now have an easier path to employment in five of Virginia’s most in-demand industries: Healthcare, Information Technology, Public Safety, Skilled Trades, and Early Childhood Education.

Need three reasons to look into this opportunity? Here you go.

Financial Support 
Don’t let financial concerns stop you from achieving your career goals. If you are interested in furthering your education and getting certifications or a degree that can lead to a career, we can help you find the money to make it happen. The typical tuition cost for a full-time student at CVCC is $3,900 per year, however, with the G3 scholarship and other financial aid, that number could be brought down to $0.

To be eligible for G3 Scholarships, you must meet certain financial qualifications. For example, a student’s household income (for a family of four) must be less than $103,000 or a single adult making less than $49,000. For full-time students who also receive the maximum Pell Grant, G3’s additional scholarship benefits are designed to help offset your cost of living so you can continue to take care of your family while going through a program. If you’re not sure you qualify, all you have to do is call CVCC Student Counseling at 434-832-7800.

CVCC programs work with you, wherever you are. Classes are flexible enough to allow students to start and stop along the way and as long as you are on track to finish in three years, you can take a break and remain on the G3 Scholarship.

Once a student qualifies, G3 Scholarships require a level of academic performance to stay eligible. Students will need to maintain a specific GPA, meaning you have a reason to focus, learn and stay on track. Additionally, by pursuing one of these fields, you’re going to earn certifications and a degree. Did you know that an associate degree can add $15,000-29,000 to your annual wages? Now THAT is motivation!

Below are the various paths and financial aid services for CVCC students. It all starts with the FAFSA form, so get that filled out ASAP

  • Pell Grant – Awarded up to $6,495/year based on EFC from FAFSA
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
    (SEOG) – Awarded $300/year based on 0 EFC from FAFSA
  • Commonwealth Grant – Awarded up to $2,000/year based on EFC up to 10,000 (enrolled 6 credit hours and above)
  • Part-time Tuition Assistance Program (PTAP) – Awarded up to tuition/fees based on EFC up to 10,000 (enrolled 1-8 credit hours)
  • VCCS – Awarded up to tuition/fees 
G3 Grant
  • G3 grant will cover tuition/fees, plus $500 book stipend (LAST DOLLAR)
    • Enrolled in certain programs of study
    • Meet income qualifications of 400% poverty
Foundation (LAST DOLLAR)*
  • CVCC Foundation Scholarship – Awarded up to tuition/fees
Tobacco (LAST DOLLAR)*
  • Tobacco Scholarship – Awarded up to tuition/fees
  • Based on region and program of study
State of Virginia Funding
  • Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) – Covers 2/3 cost of FastForward program for VA residents
  • FANTIC – Covers student 1/3 cost for VA residents demonstrating financial need
  • Virginia Ready State Aid (VRSA) – Will pay full first third of specific FastForward Program PLUS $1,000 if the student obtains the related credential
  • Virginia Career Works (WIOA) – Will pay full cost of qualifying Fastforward program
  • Goodwill (GoodCare) – Will pay full cost of healthcare FastForward program
CVCC Educational Foundation
  • Tobacco Scholarship – Awarded 1/6 cost of FastForward program for tobacco county residents

*Last-dollar programs consider any additional public funding or grants that the student is eligible for, like a federal Pell Grant. The amount of last-dollar funding will be provided to cover the remaining tuition and mandatory fees. Last-dollar programs only cover the last-dollar amount of costs left over after other financial aid is applied.