FastForward is a short-term workforce credential program to train Virginians for top, in-demand jobs across the Commonwealth. Sometimes the cost of programs that prepare you for these careers can create a financial barrier. Financial assistance is available to subsidize the cost of select pre-approved training programs. Students are required to pay one third the cost of the program with the explicit expectation they will seek and obtain the related credential identified for their program of choice. 

NOTE: Failure to complete the class will result in the student’s financial obligation to pay an additional one-third of the cost of the program back to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Funding for this program is limited. The funds are available to Virginia residents who meet Virginia domicile requirements. See list of eligible programs below.

Those that participate in FastForward programs are financially responsible for the first third of the full course cost. If you are financially unable to pay the first third as determined by the predefined set of criteria, you may qualify for Workforce Financial Assistance (FANTIC). Funding for both FastForward and FANTIC programs is limited.

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